A new approach to treatment of HIV


A new approach to treatment of HIV


A new way to manage AIDS

Scientists from University of Pittsburgh have developed a method of healing HIV, which may replace antiretroviral medicine.

The new approach is based on mental protection, where researchers believe the most effective way of antiretroviral treatment, which involves people with HIV, antiretroviral drugs is routinely life. This method is reliable, but does not allow the body's protective cells to completely destroy the remains of hidden viruses.

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This problem doesn't add to this new way, because this allows to detect and remove virus viruses in the cells. According to scientists, this method helps to recover completely.

According to "Futurism," published a new article on the new way, that the technology that developed researchers "allowed the virus to go out of its wild place and remove it bland. " The new way will affect not only HIV, but also the cytomegalovirus, which affects 95% of people with HIV.

Researchers announced that clinical trials would begin the process soon.

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