Ahmed Fahmy and here Zahid on the way Adel in the "Aldnma trip … Masrawy

9:00 m

Tuesday 05 February 2019


The Al Zahid artist published a video through the Asturian investment on his personal account at the Instagram site, where she did, Ahmed Fahmy.

Fahmi and Zahid appeared with the Ice Cap, and the artist Ahmed Fahmy said: "I am a half-time in Denmark's experience." Al-Zahid said: "I do not like it … we're tight."

Fahmy and Hafez collaborate in the "Adam Family" series, which was named "Call Sayed Al-Shahat", which is expected to be shown during the month of Ramadan again.

The series is written by Mustafa Saqr and is directed by Ahmed El Gendy and Mohamed Abdel Rahman.

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