Arts and Culture Home Kuwaiti Writer: Egypt will continue as a cultural leader in the Arab world of my country

Kuutiti writer and journalist Nermin al-Houti commented that women's theater should be taken into account and that the issues, which are not as important as political, economic and social issues, should be taken into account. "In this year, most of the documents were directed on women's issues."

"Despite Kuwaiti's theater customs, we can not be an Egyptian. We always have a cultural leadership in a Arab world in Egypt. We always learn from it. That's why It's still a cradle of every culture, "she said.

Al-Houti said her delight in the child's theater and her education and education career in the construction of new generations in Egypt, saying: talk about the school theater reconstruction should be discussed, again, so that there is a strong structure for the theater.

She explained that the lecture about the child's theater is not limited to the Ministry of Education, but also that the National Council for Culture and the Ministry of Information has an effective role that, The National Council for Culture holds many competitions, and beyond which the student does not; paying attention after that.

In terms of the Kuwaiti theater, Al-Houti discovered that there was a set of control on the texts that were submitted, since he was not entitled to his / her; obstruct texts, but send notes and return the text to the owner to make the mistakes, Some ideas can avoid these mistakes.

The text is read more than once, and many meetings are held every week, until the texts are agreed, as well as hosting a committee to see the text after it be a play-up, and has anything to do with social or anything related to God Does not provoke disturbance between sects and beliefs.

She explained: "Even in the fèisean, we read the texts that are involved, and if the theoretical text does not accompany this show we ask the CD for the show and look before Come to the festival, "during the time of work as a member of the Texts Committee in the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters in Kuwait," For seven years I have been working on reading the texts and text reading in depth. "

"Young people's support is one of Sheikh Sabah's Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber's priorities Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, Emir à Kuwait, because the new block, which is supported by our traditions and social values ​​and does not accept the inclusion of pornographic themes, completely unsuitable in our community. Find out about customs and traditions, but with new idea on hard soil. "

"The theater is always a mirror of society, and we should not only focus on negative models such as hitting and hitting a woman," she said. , And other negatives because they are not just an individual case and do not show society as a whole.

Kuwaiti writer said there are attempts in Kuwait to qualify for drama measures of young people such as the Center for creativity in Cairo, "Khaled Jalal's director knowledge" in the General Youth and Sport Commission.

She said: "The school is the leader of Abdul Aziz Safar, and Laoak's school, the Kuwaiti family of his father, who aims to train young people in different areas of training and animation drama work, singing, music and dumping, and international experiences of artists and drama dramas through drama workshops aimed at integrating and bringing them into other cultures. "

Al-Houti came to an end by saying: "I participate in this conference from political leadership planning and the decision of the Minister for Culture -First, Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem, and is based on confirming President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi about the importance of Arab countries participating in the Fair Cairo International Books, Kuwait, I should have been the responsibility of it and my national interest in the presence of Kuwait's name in this conference, "to thank the people who were present.

This came when a Kuwaiti writer and the Nermin Al-Houti media participated in one of the conferences within the conferences held on the borders of the Cairo International Festival.

It is interesting that the Gold Session is the International Book of Cairo Book, which begins on Tuesday 23 January with the support of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, where the exhibition will be held for his / her. First time at the Egyptian International Exhibition Center in the fifth meeting, to mark fifty years.

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