Asim Nimr Sumatra Rare will kill his partner at London Sunday in the " their first meeting

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Tiger Assem, who loved Milati, killed in his first meeting at Sù Lunnainn

Lunan London has been watching the death of Sumatra tiger at the risk of another new tiger who has become her herbal partner.

Tiger Asim, who was taken to the zoo from the 10-day Danish safari park, hoped he would be a "good companion" of Milati, who has been living alone in the park for a long time big.

After spending a time in the tigers barn to be used to the new place, the two were brought together to clear each other.

But the problems were "rapidly rising" in their first meeting, and issues became "more aggressive" and the two campaigns grew up together in wild fighting to finally get my death.

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A soup commented that she gave Assem to an immediate farm immediately, and failed to devastate attempts to rescue Melati, who died at the age of 10, failed.

"We are currently focusing on Assem's care, and we are looking at this difficult situation," which added. park.

The zoo stressed that staff "were unhappy with this move in events."

Tiger Asim, 7, was moved to London Zoo as part of a major European animal program.

Describing the Asim tiger, said a & # 39; Park said he was "a beautiful, confident boy who is experienced to have been very confident in dealing with women throughout his life" and "it was hoped that he was the best friend of a beautiful honeycomb."

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The Tigress Melati caught seven hands from her company that moved to France

Rafik Melati, tiger Jay Jay, moved to the French zoo on 30 January after the administration of the park moved together.

In 2013, Milati was born two leopard but one fell in a pond and drowned.

Then three other tigers were born in Milati in February 2014 and two others in June 2016.

Sumatra, who lives in jungles and jungles in the Sumatra Island of Indonesia, has been identified as a real risk and is part of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals.

According to London Zoo, Sumatra Tigers threatens illegal fishing.

These tigers can stay around 20 years when they are in a reserve.

In the 1970s, there were around 1,000 Sumatra tiger in the prairies, although today's figures say there are only 300.

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