Channel MBC Iraq – established how often the bc channel was Iraq 2019 – and got the signal technology (HD

We offer you invaluable visitors from across the Arab world Freumhan Mbc, Where do we show you specific information about our new report MBC frequency Iraq, What is expected to launch in the near future of Nilesat satellite.

We will stay with you during the next continuous report Normal bc snowWhere the MBC Group is planning to start Channel MBC Iraq New TV teen for the whole family.

Freumhan Mbc

The MBC channels that are compatible with each other; grow and grow through the five year plan for expansion and development, as part of its plan to launch the new MBC Iraq channel.

MBC frequency Iraq

The new "bc Iraq" channel comes within a framework of ambition. MBC Group to emphasize the relationship with Iraq's audiences, which is reflected through a network of the first programs of the channel and its focus on various representations, programs, drama or comics of Iraq. The wonders will be made during the forthcoming Ram season with a special mix in Iraq.

Normal bc snow

Sam Barnett said the new channel is based on the vision of Al-Ghadarah Al Al-Ibrahim Al-Ghadarah, based on its growth and expansion plan. He said bc Iraq is in a & # 39; its first program of network to meet the needs of the people in Iraq, in all its members and age groups, in terms of technical and technical integration in sound, image and production techniques that use the levels and best practices between the best abilities and knowledge.


The Iraqi MBC 2019 will show a number of recreational programs in a social comedy where a map can be displayed; program including:

  • It is a comedy comedy in Coma d that is a Introducing a series of objects based and variable. The competition is in a number of stars such as Alaa Hussain, Solaf, Iyad Radhi, Ihsan Daddoush and Ali Jaber as well as several other stars.
  • The "Suhraya" program with the star Hatem Iraqi, a program of music lyrics to host a number of Iraqi status in literary, poetry, writing and other areas in an effort to address their work and professional life and private.
  • The program "The Night and Da & # 39; dosh" The program is based on a number of discussions and ideas.
  • The program "broadcasting scenes" and delivered by comedy stars (Sabah Hilali and Bassem al-Baghdadi, Yasser Sami and Majid Al-Yassin)
  • The "Restaurant" program will cover issues related to Iraqi women by going to # 39; Talk about all the women in a fashion, fashion, fashion, fashion, fashion and childbirth.

Answering Mbc in Iraq through Nilesat

Sunday Tricead sianail Encoding level Coherence error
Nilesat 201 HD Together 27500 5/6
NileSat 201 SD 11938 UL,]D 27500 5/6

The new channel will be to start the next Sunday (17 February)

We are now able to control the frequencies through the records linked to the NileSat satellite report to enjoy the launch of the channel's programs and officially launched on November 17.

The first feature of the channel will be on Friday, February 15, during an artistic evening of the Iraq Tantura festival in Saudi Arabia and will be praised by the singer Kazem Al-Saher and who promotes the gunner

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