Clear your teeth and hate your headteacher so you can not get this disease!

We all know that tobacco, obesity and lack of exercise can increase heart attack, but other causes that they do not know can occur without being aware that they are infected. add to the disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of death in the world.

Here's a look at some of these hidden dangers.

1. Deprivation of dental care:

Several studies have shown that there are higher levels of cardiovascular diseases with poor oral hygiene. Blood will grind to & # 39; vaccine or accident; allowing oral bacteria to enter blood blood. These bacteria can create salted records in the articles, and # 39; Encourage the gold to achieve high levels of certain protons, causing the shooting of blood vessels, and can end to blow the heart attack or strive.

What is the solution? Clean your teeth regularly, and make sure to visit your dentist.

2. Worrying the Director to work:

Solar study shows how heart disease is larger among those with work-related stress. It's not a joke, yes, if your headteachers are working, he'll cuts healthcare.

A Swedish 10-year study, published in the British Medical Journal, concluded that poor friendship with staff leadership was a core risk of 40%.

"Heart attacks can be made due to a serious problem at work," said Vijay Kumar, a chart expert at the Heart Heart Institute in Orlando.

In addition to other factors such as inappropriate sleep and abuse, the risk of acne acne disease increases.

3. Contrary to me:

It can slowly collapse, as a family death, "break your heart" in the literary way of the word.

Women's blood vessels, who suffer three or more of a life-threatening problem, receive a lower level of work performance than women who do not perform the same, according to the American Menopause Society.

"Increasing the level of the weight can increase significantly in adrenaline, heart rate growth and high blood pressure," said Jackie Ebany, a charter expert.

4. Feature of loneliness:

In another UK medical journal, people with no social intercourse with heart disease and a greater 32% of heart risk were a major risk.

One of these reasons may be one and may be stressed, and lonely people can not help them; organizing their feelings.

Finding more than eight years of study of more than 700,000 women, published in 2014, that women living with a partner with a risk of less than 28 per cent. Dying from microbial mice than females living alone F-

5. Depression:

The American Heart Heart Society says that 33% of the patient's heart attack is in the United States; suffering from depression.

Experts believe that people with mental health problems can be disturbed when they are in a position; make health choices.

Nica Goldberg, director of the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women's Health in New York, said that eating habits such as eating a healthy diet or a reducing alcohol consumption to prevent people with depression.

"People who experience a bad time visit things that give them light, and do not think if they are healthy or not."

6. Menopause:

Women are more likely to have heart attacks in the years after menopause. This is related to a reduction in natural estrogen in their body.

Estrgan is thought to have a positive impact on the inner walls of the cemeteries, help to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels.

Chartie expert Jackie Yubani says he's getting older than blood vessels, Increasing arterial stress, but good eating and regular exercise helps to balance these effects.


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