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Egypt has a good opportunity to make countries such as Arab Emaar.

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Tamer Magdy, producer of Fika, a French cement company, said the Egyptian economy has seen remarkable growth and growth in recent years, particularly in the construction sector, which represents 12% of the population. rates of economic growth.

On the lines of the Coltrans Conference on Monday, he said that cement industry is one of the strategic components of the construction system that requires support and remove all obstacles.

He argued that the cement industry in Egypt is facing considerable challenges, including increasing its share costs, particularly following increases in girl prices and energy prices, and that some are of the opinion that there is a rise t production rates one of the barriers. The fact that it represents one way of opening up new markets and increasing the share of export exports.

Majdi expected high demand for cement in the area in the near future, particularly as there was a move towards rebuilding Arab towns suffering from a complete decline in buildings and infrastructure. . This shows that Egypt, because it is so close, has the opportunity to get a good deal of these markets, which reduces transport costs and produces some of the Egyptian results. T a significant market for these markets and is the result of demand and desire for each of the strong strengths. He says the «Fika» as the main owner of the Sinai Cement Company is always striving to provide high quality goods and is very effective in the Li Li competition.

He added that the CoolTrans conference was a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the cement industry around the world and to share experiences with the partners.

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