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Finding Apple awards for teenagers awards a gap in Time Time

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An American teenager was found to find a gap in the FaceTime video link on Apple cell phones a company prize.

The company did not show the size of the prize but it was considered that it was helpful to cover the cost of teenagers of Grant Thomson teenagers, 14.

MacThoma found that it was illegal in Time Time that enabled him to look at the call of organizations that use this feature.

This comes at a time when an electronic researcher refused to tell Apple about the security of security in her tools due to & # 39; He has been giving him a cash prize.

The gap was detected last month because some Apple users were aware that they could listen to their calls after connecting to others; using their calls, although they refused to get their calls, which meant when they tried to send someone else, b & # 39; They can make all their calls.

Apple received these views with good attention and blocked his / her company; Convener of TimeTime for a while during the research.

The notices were posted on social network sites without describing a specific person, but Apple later revealed that Grant and his mother warned about the earlier gutting earlier .

Grant found the split when he used FaceTime to make group calls with his friends to discuss new ways in Fortnight's electronic game.

Grant and his mother sent a number of messages to Apple to warn the fire split and their company did not respond, but now, thank Grant for getting the hole.

The German researcher, Linus Haines, prefers to find a driver's risk (Apple Mac OS) to & # 39; allows the password to be taken in user accounts.

Linus refused to disclose information when Apple refused to give him a financial prize for information.

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