Finding exercise on cancer patients. Find cells that are responsible for … Masrawy

01:37 PM

Tuesday 05 February 2019


In a move that can be the biggest scientific achievement in attempts to control cancer, the British Daily Mail stated that a scientific team from Salford University has found a cell that could be Responsible for all other cancer patients and believe that a mother who is in the process of being abolished. follow each can.

The researchers hope that this discovery will be the first way to escape current methods of treatment, especially chemotherapy.

Professor of Salford University, Michael Lisanti, said the team examined chest samples of chronic cancer patients and used corrugated colored color to make it possible. discovering the most active cells. They noted that some of these cells had a stronger energy than the rest of the cells and were able to create towers and to rapidly spread new cells and blend them; It was "active cancer gaming".

The study, published in the Pathology magazine, said: Scientists believe that cancer is caused by cells that are infected with cancer. die who returns to life, "zombie cells". But it's more dramatic than that. A & # 39; mother-cell struggling from cell line, Strange cells are growing and growing; tumor. "

He warned that some chemotherapy may be pushing the cells of cells to make more cancer cells.

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