Gaiouna General Co-ordinator: Investment in seagulls is better than oil

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Moataz al-Moghaddam, a common Chinese and Chinese side co-ordinator in Gaioun fish pond, says that chocolate investment is better than oil.

During the meeting with the "Kaka" program, the journalist on the channel "the replica of the country," if there is an unusual division, especially with the economic increase in the agriculture.

Moataz, a collective co-ordinator on Egypt and Chinese in Barka Ghalioun, said that 2 billion beacons were produced, which are enough for local representation and that he will give over and over exports and his / her; contribute to the achievement of large national revenue, which will be achieved next year.

The common Egyptian and Chinese co-ordinator in the center of Gulion that makes 20 million fish skipper Denis and Aros, a & # 39; explains that a spatula is produced in the second phase of the Aion line.

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