Herbal drinks help to & # 39; dealing with cold

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Herbal drinks help to & # 39; tackle the cold from Saudi News, Thursday, November 22, 2018.

Today, we have a strong impact on the weather, between erosion and rising temperatures, spreads out cold diseases, and many look for the best natural materials to tackle, and strengthen protection, especially mothers to protect their children in schools.

Some herbal drinks help to strengthen protection and put out the body of cold and flu vaccine.


Strengthening the protection system to serve cold fighting and flu. All foods can be added, or a mixture of ginger juice with ginger.


One of the herbs that blooms during the winter, as well as a & # 39; Introducing most of the biggest health benefits. Trees have a Introducing essential oil that can help reduce the degree of cold and flu. , And you can also eat it as a lovely warm drink.

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Turmeric works to kill disease, reducing inflammation which is often associated with cold and flu, and also help to reduce the risk of infection. handle excavation problems, and sometimes use to strengthen protection.

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Source: Arab News

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