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Some of the Arab countries have seen the weather and storms today, where a wave of unstable weather has caused everyday life, adversely affecting air traffic and the closure of main ports and roads.

In Egypt, the Meteorological Group announced the weather forecast today, on the Commission's official website, that the temperature is expected to rise, with average weather on its northern shores, against the sea. and Cairo north of Upper Egypt.

The group said that the vision was reduced in the morning water tank in the north of the country, and that low and medium clouds are predominantly, with water on the west coasts.

With regard to the wind situation, the organization explained that most of them are to mid-south and active southwest on the west and north coasts of Upper Egypt, which are interesting for sand and dust.

In Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the early hours of the morning, suspended tours after a violent storm at the same time as falling in different parts of them.

"For the safety of the passengers, a flight was canceled for a short while until the storm went off," the airport administration said in a Twitter tweet.

The Saudi Environment Protection and Protection Agency, in its report on the weather forecast for this day, anticipates storms ahead of active winds in "irrigation" areas, according to the Okaz newspaper. .

In Iraq, today the head of weather department of the Meteorological Department, Dirar al-Ali, said today that unsatisfactory weather and the southeast wind were being attacked by storms.

Al-Ali said from Monday to Monday morning that rainfall in the south-east wind is likely to result in rough water, which can be up to 60 kilometers per hour and weight visually low, especially in remote and open areas, media media.

In Kuwait, the Meteorological Department's prediction department, Dirar al-Ali, had today predicted that unstable weather and the southeast wind would be attacked by dispersed storms.

Al-Ali said from Monday morning to Monday morning that some unpleasant rainfall could take place in the south-east wind, which could reach up to 60 km / h and be level, Low visibility visibility, particularly in open and wild areas.

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