Liam Nison produces racial statements that she has; continue to stop & # 39; first sight of his latest films

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Liam Nissin

The highlight of the latest Liam Nesson films has been suspended in anger at racial ideas saying he wanted to kill any black man after his lover was raped.

Reporters were told that the concert was erased for the first screening of the "Cold Hunt" film two hours before the scheduled date for the opening event.

Nixon refused to circulate about religion, but comments published in the Independent on Monday had been a lot of controversy and anger.

"It would like to open a wider conversation on racism," said Nison.

Opening event organizers said they can not make pictures or interview at the New York stadium.

He did not say Nice?

Nison made his controversial ideas at a promotional show for her new film, giving her respect for revenge.

Nison said that the crime that had been done long ago had been discovered and he had learned it when he returned from an overseas trip. Nisson then continued to speak with a racial language attack for the invasion.

"I tried the emergency event very impressive … but what I was just going … did you ask if you knew who he, "she said.

"I was sitting with blackjack with the hope that someone would come close to me, I was embarrassed to say that, and I went on for a week, trying to get a black eye out of a bar and fight about anything … until I killed him Post-

How was the answer? Nice?

"I'm not silly," said Nison on ABC's "Good Morning America" ​​program.

When asked what he wanted to be because of this knowledge of people, he replied, "To talk.

"We all expect to take account of social traditions and traditions … and the same thing happens in my country, but sometimes if you write that vision, you will find there is racism and inaccuracies. "

He said he knew his lover who was convicted in a crime that took about 40 years ago to "give his desire to revenge".

"It will only go to areas where a black person lives in his home is an excuse for a physical violence use , "said Nison.

He said he would have worked in the same way if he had attacked his beloved White, but he had "tremendously" with his response.

  • Liam Neeson was honored at the Irish Film and Television Academy Awards

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Bonnie Greer

How were the reagents?

"Next time someone will ask me why I'm not a museum, I'm not happy," wrote Gary Young in the Guardian.

"I can say honestly: because Oscar's nominee may want to die, I need to be careful all the time."

Keinad Andrews, a professor of black checks at Birmingham University, said in Birmingham, The BBC said that Nixon's "totally inappropriate and invasion" and "filmless" and "film" inspired films.

"Maybe he has completed his position," said the drama drama Bonnie Greer.

But he used to be a football player and anti-racist John Barnes Nison in an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live.

"He felt embarrassing and embarrassing a week after the incident," said Barnes, "it was wrong because he was thinking about this way and we should be involved in such communication . "

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