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Makram Mohamed Ahmed is warning of water raids in the Arab countries. Successful trials of young Egyptians in innovation and innovation.

Makram Mohammed Ahmed, chairman of the Central Council for the Media Management, warned of the future water crisis facing Arab countries, stressing the need to address growing problems to cultivate land and therefore contribute to the provision of the strategic quality and self-sufficiency of these outcomes.

This came out during the second media conference, which is held in Tunis, Tunisia, and which focuses on the activities and service projects delivered by the Arab organizations and workplaces, t organized by the economic secretary of the Arab League of the League.

"The Arab countries have enormous potential at the level of human experts and capabilities, as well as financial resources," said Makram at the main session that led Dr Dr Norman. Mustafa Rashid, an adviser on the African-African co-operation for transport and logistics on small and medium enterprises in the Arab area. These experiences of economic progress, which are largely dependent on medium and medium-sized enterprises, which contribute to job creation and reduce unemployment, as well as support the national economies of the Arab world, and to grow growth rates.

For his own contribution, Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Marine Transport, ran a session during the session to support innovation and innovation, human capacity building, and the adoption of creative ideas amongst students, students t and people generally. A number of young people and Egypt students experienced the successful experience in the development of creative innovation and innovation, including Mustafa Magdy, student at the Faculty of Administration and Technology and the Chair of the Student Council of the Arab Academy, who demonstrated its knowledge through being a t a number of international conferences. , Held in Dubai last February, where it was provided for delivering consultations and proposals to improve government performance, address bureaucracy, improve the business environment through digital transformation and removal of paper systems in several ministries, including planning, As well as being involved in preparing and creating a sustainable development strategy for Egypt 2030. Mohamed Manji added. , a student in the Faculty of Computing and Software Engineering, also experienced by taking part in international competitions, including the International Software Competition at the University of Porto, Portugal. About Africa and the Middle East, and including 12 teams from the Arab sector, competing for innovative software that contributes to technological solutions in many service areas, business and new companies. .

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