Mani: Watching Manchester City I feel weight

Liverpool's midfielder Sadio Mani has admitted admitting Manchester City to be a weightlifting game as both sides are competing for the Premier League title.

Manchester City lay ahead of the first board with 77 points, outside Liverpool.

"To be honest, we are focusing more on ourselves than anything else, but the Manchester City tour is keeping us under pressure," said Mani to Sky Sports.

"I want to lose, they are also very good, but sometimes it is difficult to lose."

"Perhaps the hardest game is our game, but people think the games against the top six teams are the hardest, but sometimes it won't be."

"Southampton is the hardest game, sometimes you can easily beat the top six teams, and sometimes a tough game, same as the teams at the bottom of the board." T

"So it would be a navy to say that Tottenham is the hardest game for us," said Manny.

Mani said that with the question of whether the team was working with Mohamed Salah from scoring in the past, that he and those in his club Salah should come back to the score.

“People outside and within the club talk about My Salah, because it goes back to visiting almost every game," said Mani.

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