«Meteorology»: high temperatures and fertile waters up to fertile waters and wind tomorrow

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Weather reporters expect a further increase in temperature on Tuesday when the northern cost is hot, rest of the day, cold at night.

The water comes together with the clouds low and moderate, and its & quot; Most are sometimes tartan, and the floods reach Sinai and the Red Hills. The south-east sand of sand and dust have been active on the west side of the country and open sea areas, Cairo and northern Egypt. Affecting a bankruptcy on sailing there.

The state of the Mediterranean Sea is tall and the height of the wave is two to a half and three meters. The situation of The Red Sea loved and the height of the wave is one meter half and two meters, and the east wind has the highest wind.

In terms of the smallest and highest temperatures, Cairo is "16-31", Alexandria «13- 27», Qena «15-33», Luxor «15-33», and Aswan »17-34».

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