Meteorology is the cause for the difference in temperature expressed by the atmosphere … Masrawy

10:55 PM

Saturday 09 February 2019

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:
Dr. Ibrahim Atta, Head of Media Administration for Analysis and Monitoring of the Meteorological Commission, has several reasons to make citizens know; Feels that the temperature is different from those mentioned, and the most important is the moisture and wind speed.

"If we think that the temperature is 30 kilometers in Cairo, and this is amazing, it is possible that the citizen is feeling very tight, and then the day comes 40 temperatures, and the citizen has a good atmosphere, and this is a result of humidity, "said Atta.

"In the winter, if temperatures reach 20, citizens feel good weather, but they get the weather very cold, due to the wind speed, but If the temperature is 17, there is no wind, it is possible for the citizen to feel the atmosphere of Beautiful ".

Head of Central Division Analysis and Remittances of the Meteorological Commission, which is higher than the beauty, citizens of the heat, and higher, the wind speed in winter can not feel more cold, The temperature only with no wind and humidity.

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