Mohamed Salah: My “bad” season is the same as other players

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LONDON (Reuters) – Liverpool manager Mohamed Salah said he told the Juergen Klub coach after Tottenham Hotspur that getting more hours was more important than visiting.

“When I went to the locker, I spoke to the administrator and told me,“ We ​​don't have to play permanently. The most important thing to win is the game, ”he told Sky Sports after hitting Tottenham.

“Big teams always get a way to get some impact, we might not have played today's best game, but getting the most important game is. We must influence it to continue the competition, which we can achieve. "

"I think the supporters have given me the aim," he said, referring to the second aim of Tottenham. The most important thing is to achieve the three points. "

“I haven't won a lot of players, but there are players who put the same number of goals in and spent the best season, it seems a bad season for me! The most important thing I get with my team is the league title ».

"The games are all wild, and we need to continue the competition. The next match is against Southampton, which are played for life. Tottenham's game must play well and they were just around t the corner. "

LONDON (Reuters) – Liverpool hit Tottenham on Sunday, with the involvement of Mohammed Salah, who gave the Reds three hours of time in a Sunday Sunday Premier League at Anfield.

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