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Nisreen Tafesh in the sea 'winter' design session

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On Saturday, 06 April 2019

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Nisreen Tafesh took part in the pictures from her latest film session, through her profile page on the Instagram website.

"Nesrin" appeared in the pictures, with an attractive view, looking at winter clothes and standing on the beach, and the pictures were very popular with the audience.

"There is one criteria by which you can measure your success in attendance: the level of peace you feel inside," she wrote her report on the pictures.

It should be noted that artist Nesreen Tafsh is currently presenting his film "The Secret Men 's Club" with Karim Abdul Aziz, Ghada Adel, Majid Alkdwani and Boumi Fuad, and he has was written by Ayman Wattar and directed by Khaled Halafawi.


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