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President Iraq: We need honest communication to strengthen the cooperation between Arab countries

President Iraq Barham Saleh asked that there was a need for honest communication between his directors and his search for understanding and collective values.

Saleh said in a speech at a session the 30 Arab Revolution in Tunis will open on Sunday that we should consult, communicate and our countries in these changes, making use of open conversations between them. their leaders and need to work together to promote values ​​of understanding and collaboration within improvement and improvement objectives. Our people are particularly pleased if we come back to them and we agree on a road map which includes agreements and understanding of a common approach to address our major challenges.

He noted that the challenges need to be recognized as over-arching problems and that opportunities to meet challenges and challenges remain, and remain portable, with a high level of responsibility for emergencies, t avoidable common emergencies and none of our countries should be considered as a result of the effects of the shake.

Saleh said that Iraq had appeared from war against terrorism and has sacrificed against terrorism and worth, pointing out that the capitalist influence saved was a significant development and a very good act. Terrorism, reconstruction of townships under freedom and the return of emigrants. This effort is the result of regional and international co-operation and cooperation to stop terrorism from interrupting. on funding and terminology.

He confirmed that it was Iraq's starting point for such work and of the system required, indicating that he has been communicating with the region and noting that we are not far away. increasing the need to address and co-ordinate challenges faced and present.

Saleh said that working on Arab economic union and building a fixed system would have benefited from the industry and developed agricultural sectors and refreshing staff at the forefront in recognizing that it is important to work to find solutions. .

He said that there was a need for a reservoir in human and natural resources and that geography was important to the job, and that agreement and approval had to be achieved so that the Gazan could be useful and useful to us. local people. An integrated banker who helps the private sector and tackle unemployment, especially for young people, and provides them with job opportunities.

It is sad that a culture of fairness in the political conversations between regional countries has slowed the opportunities for collaboration between ourselves, and the collaborative and determined task of a profit culture based on common interests is the same which eliminates political misunderstanding and seeks the political journey for the benefit of our people.

He said the fundamental principle of Iraq's international relations, particularly the Islamic environment and Arab depth and measurement, is the principle of an action-based approach based on peoples 'and nations' interests. Iraq has been said to have been a aims to be a source of controversy. Working to secure peace and development and think about a positive future for everyone and just for all. "

“We continue to reinforce the fact that working in a variety of ways within the international legitimacy framework and the United Nations' appropriate expectations is a requirement for Arab co-operation to prevent to this end, and to ensure that the Palestina people are right, far from this view, "he said. In terms of our clear and unambiguous refusal of the decision to Golan, it is Syrian soil.

The President of the Republic concluded his speech by saying, "We reaffirm our position that the problems in sovereign countries in Syria, Libya and Libya should be solved to ensure the security, peace and rights of those living in Syria. We will strengthen and support deportation and terrorism and terrorism. "Terrorism and its problems and funding, and recognize the indigenous role of the Arab League in retaining the opportunities for collaboration and rehabilitation." co-operative effort, with any attempt to improve the work of the University as a result of these challenges.

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