Qatari's representative arrives Cairo for a "high-level" meeting

Qatari's representative arrives at Cairo for a meeting


/ Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Arab League Headquarters in Cairo

A "Arab High Level Leaders" conference, organized by the Arab Parliament to challenge strong Arab challenges and challenge challenges, was set up on Saturday at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

There are several government leaders and Arab ministers who are present and who are present at their conference. Qatar is also a Participating in a conference with a representative from the Shura Council by Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Sulaiti, the vice-chairman of the council.

The paper states that its conference aims to prepare a Arab document for being developed by the Arab Parliament and Arab senior leaders with deep knowledge and knowledge in a range of Arab co-operation , the Arab document to face direct challenges and face forward.

She said that the Arab League Council will have a Arab Parliament. submit the document at a senior level at its next meeting to be held in Tunisia in March 2019.

On June 5, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain said they had cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar and prevented them as they supported terrorism.

Speaker of the Arab Parliament is calling for Arab close-ups

Arab Parliament spokeswoman, Dr. Meshaal Bin Fahm Al-Salami, is calling for a " This important Arab conference is to signal the accuracy and confidentiality of the current level of the Arab country and the major challenges facing Arab countries and societies.

Arab Arab spokeswoman Arab Arab Saudi Arabian leaders have sat on Saturday in the Premier League offices to "tackle issues in Arab countries, maintain Arab national security and address the fundamental causes of Arab-Arab disputes to secure security, sustainability, Arab Division. "

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