"Renewed" currency rates on Sunday Dollars, Saudi Riyal and Euro in Banks and the Black Market

Follow us every day Today's Money Rates In Egypt, The banks and the parallel market and the dollar prices of the USA, the euro and the Sudi kingdom, we demonstrate to you the modern day rates of the banks, as well as the black market, as well as the black market. effects that may have an impact on up-turn prices and the causes for the black market activity or decline.

The exchange rate at the Egyptian pound against currencies has been substantially based on price around two years ago, sustainability management as a short-term currency exchange and a gradual decrease. in prices over the medium term, while analysts see the long-term rise of the park.

Currency and today's prices in banks
Currency and today's prices in banks

Cash and silver prices in Egypt

  • Dollar Rate of Bank: The dollar exchange rate against the Egyptian pound is currently in a bank price with an average price in the Egypt market of more than a month.
  • Euro Euro in Bank: The euro has risen last month, with the increase in its currency prices on international currency exchanges, and the gradual demise of the euro t Egyptian banks, record an average purchase price of 21.10 pounds and an average sales of 20.40 pounds.
  • Banks were in Saudi Riyal Price: Sustainability of Saudi money in Egyptian banks for the second month followed the same prices after the end of Hajj.

Today's money rates in Egypt banks against the pound

Money The highest purchase price Minimum selling price


Abu Dhabi Bank


National Bank of Kuwait NBK



National Bank of Greece


Arab Italian Domain Bank

Sterling Pound


Iran's Banque Misr Development


Arab International Banking Company

The Saudi Riyal


Arab International Banking Company


Bank of Alexandria

Emirates Arab Arab Dirham


Egyptian Gulf Bank


Bank of Alexandria

Dinar Jordan


Audi Bank


Bank of Alexandria

Kuwaiti Dinar


Suez Canal Bank


National Bank of Egypt

Omani Rial


Abu Dhabi Bank


Bank of Alexandria

Bahraini Dinar


Abu Dhabi Bank


Bank of Alexandria

Factors affecting currency rates in banks

  • The increase in reserves in Egyptian banks means greening, inflation and the steady growth of the Egyptian economy in the medium term. T , until they reached fair and equitable levels of LE14 and LE11.
  • Egyptian banks have been hitting the euro at the international price of European money against dollars. As green reintroductions get back, Europe's money is rising in the money market and also rising into Egyptian banks.
  • Supply law and demand for Saudi succession law and all of the Saudi bank's highest banks apply. The demand for secrecy arises at the time of booking from tour operators in the travel seasons. achieving Umrah and pilgrimage, where there is space in Saudi kingdom. Although traders will go to the black market if there are no credit banks, which continue to revitalize.

Black market currencies

The black marketplace relates to supply and demand law since the decision to release the currency exchange against cash flow has been around two years ago and there is little or no circulation in the black market t traders would prefer the black market exchange rate from the official price, Banks.

  • Average black market dollar prices buying 17.88 pounds and selling 1775 pounds.
  • The average price that the Saudi say is the black market £ 4.80 and sells 4.75 pounds.
  • The average euro price of the black market will buy 20.60 pounds and sell 20.90 pounds.

Black market prices are close, varying from supply to supply and demand, and the black market has been declining in recent years as a result of the improved exchange rate of the dollar t the face of money.


Tariff prices are dependent on an Egyptian market for supply and demand, and it has changed a lot since 2011 and set the same price prices in 2018 in the last six months.

Saudi money has remained stable for nearly a month to make the money market in the Egyptian market more sustainable, as well as reducing the demand after the end of Hajj season and the increase in compensation t from the debt of the country, a new decline caused by the strength of the marriage against the statute.

In Egyptian bank transactions on Sundays, beginning of the week, the sale price of the door increased further in the morning and midday, with a small increase in the price of the euro when it waited. If Saudi had changed its livelihood.

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