Rionnagan is the Arab World who laments victims of the fire accident in the Egyptian station

The artist Hussein al-Jassmi listened to the families of the victims of the train crash in the Egyptian station, saying: "I am making sympathy to the families of the victims of the Egypt's accident station and the fastest revival of Yrib for everyone injured. "

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Nancy Ajram published a blog post on Twitter, describing the event, saying: "I am feeling confident about the Egyptians and families who are victims of a train station crash Ramses.

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As the artist Hindi Sabri wrote on his page through Twitter, saying: "A mischief, our Lord will add mercy to the survivors of the Egyptian Station and the patience of their parents and to cure our parents who are severely injured and to be protected in every Arab world. "

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Nicole Saba commented on the event and commented on the Twitter site: "God is merciful to the dead from a ramses station accident, and we deliver all the wounds, and their parents keep the people of the nations, but they used their normal everyday life! "He said.

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It is clear that the railway authority says that a meter tractor struck outside the railway station in Cairo, Egypt, according to the television of the Egyptians that the accident killed 20 people and was Another 40 injured after the station had a major fire, which caused a gasoline explosion.

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