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Samsung shows the latest technologies in the world of smartphone Galaxy S10

– Larger screen with high performance camera and many new options

– 4

New phones will be user-friendly in particular to identify 10 years of innovation

In celebrating a ten year event and first phone in the series Galaxy S, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Today has introduced four key phones into the group Galaxy S10. The new phones will have special features designed to meet the needs of different smartphone market users. All the gadgets in the new series offer recurrent experiences with features and features that are interesting to users on any digital phone, such as display, camera and performance, so that they can get more of what they are doing like to doSouth Westerly

As a 10-year destination of special devices in the world of smartphones, a phone was designed Galaxy S10 For people who dream about a high-level textphone that will & # 39; making the way to the next generation of mobile experiences. For users who are looking for a terrible device, a phone is moved + Galaxy S10 Experience all designations – from camera display to performance – to new degree of excellence. Although a phone is designed Galaxy S10e For those who want all the essential features to be displayed on a flat screen. Finally, a phone was designed Galaxy S10 5G For those who want to make more choices and excellence in everything they are doing as well as being able to take advantage of high speed and more powerful features. Thanks to the completely new screen type Onwards As well as the features of a reproductive camera and reputation, we will send a series of cell phones Galaxy S10 Customers have special experiences with additional options that set new stages for their & # 39; satellite phone conceptSouth Westerly

Speaking of the launch of the new handset series, said DJ Koh, President and Head of Mobile Communications and Information Technology at Samsung Electronics: "Since its launch of ten years ago, Galaxy S Based on innovation and excellence to provide high quality user knowledge and features and innovations constantly. Galaxy S10 Based on the flora of the series telephones, the new handbags offer a whole new technology as well as more innovation on camera and performance. Our main objective is to launch 4 new tools to allow users to select the phone that is suited to their particular personality and their different goals. As a director in the business, we have Samsung to; a new innovative and excellence in smartphone technology "He said.

The display screen is of the kind Skip to content Experience to look great on the screen to & # 39; using a soundtrack scanner:

Telephone was developed Galaxy S10 The best screen presentation from Samsung to date, its first introductory exhibition at the departmental level. And as the first smartphone with technologyHDR10 + , The screen will deliver dynamic digital content, and users with Dynamic Selection will be able to; See a wider range of colors and get a good, reasonable picture. In addition, the new animated display by phone was taken by the Electric Engineering Company, Electronic Technologies and Information Technologies VDE As an advanced screen that offers clear colors[1] Different contrasts vary to allow users to enjoy deeper black and white colors.[2[2[2[2]

Customers also enjoy distinctive color accuracy [3] Even in strong light environments, where a & # 39; This sign is certified by a company Show. The larger the screen works Onwards Also the blue light down through the feature[4[4[4[4]Eye energy Determined by the company TÜV Rheinland Not to face profile status or want any additionsSouth Westerly

Thanks to the original engineering process with Samsung, the show is unique with telephone Galaxy S10 Range of sensors and activities for camera technology in one place on the screen – so that you can increase and control the unprotected screen rangeSouth Westerly

The lively exhibition is also visible Galaxy S10 Including a & # 39; first fingerprint scanner for ultrasonic fingers[5] In the 3D print screen the order for security and security security is sent by phone. And obtaining a certification certificate from internet standards groups FIDO Biometric Partnership The first of the kind in the world, the biometric diagnostic properties of the next generation is on its; phone to provide high protection levels to keep your device safe and privateSouth Westerly

Professional camera

Based on Samsung's leadership in developing innovative features in a smartphone camera such as two-pyramid features and a double slot, offered Galaxy S10 New technology for kakira with more clearer and advanced features to allow users to take pictures and record high quality films:

All-Bill Launches: phone Galaxy S10 Ultrasound lenses are the first in series S Galaxy, With a wide range of up to 123 degrees, just like human eyes. Lens all over the world can help users; featuring screenshots and suits to capture spectacular scenes, large panoramas, and a whole family pictureSouth Westerly

High quality videos: a & quot; Galaxy S10 Users can record HD videos with a sustainable digital image technology. Whether the user is dancing in the middle of his / her; concert or try to record all the details of cycling marking experience, feature Super Steady Give him a & # 39; minute recording. Video and video cameras can be recorded correctly UHD, And for the first time at the departmental level, the back camera is & # 39; allows you to register a record with technology[6[6[6[6]HDR10 +.

Camera Intelligence Camera: Mobile phone Galaxy S10 Clearer features to a higher degree of accuracy, thanking the unit of strange process or for artificial information (NPU) Which allows users to get professional photos without re-establishing the camera camera's advanced settings. The Display Development feature can now identify and manipulate the more detailed scenes with the Neural Process Unit. And through the "Design Tips" feature"Big RecommendationDistribution Galaxy S10 Suggestions automatically so you can better design and identify your image than everSouth Westerly

Smart performance to help you make the best use of your phone

A phone is designed Galaxy S10 Using components, key components and software based on self-learning to deliver positive and strong achievement. With the power sharing capabilities of better performance with emergency information technology and technology without accessible tools, it is a mobile phone; there Galaxy S10 Samsung's most exciting devices from insideSouth Westerly

Feature divide power without wire[7]: Phone is coming Galaxy S10 Sharing the power of a wire, enabling the use of smart tools and accessible devices that meet the wireless rate Qi. The shared feature can be wirelessly by phone Galaxy S10 Costing a consistent device is consistent with the # 39; telephone In addition, the phone can Galaxy S10 Carrying taxes to another device at the same time through the feature Violence [8]Distribution, Although it is connected to a standard browser, which allows you to leave the second charger at homeSouth Westerly

Interesting performance: The artificial information technology software automatically improves the performance of battery, CPU, RAM and even the temperature of the device depending on the use of the phone, and its output. Continue to learn and improve performance over time. Based on artificial information capabilities, it is a phone Galaxy S10 Also learn about how to use your device to use the most commonly used applications fasterSouth Westerly

Wireless Wire Network: Coming Machine Galaxy S10 An accessible link that allows users to enjoy unnecessary secure connection by moving completely between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi technology LTE, As well as sending alerts to them when there is potentially dangerous wire connections. It is supporting Galaxy S10 Also an adult Wi-Fi 6 Which contributes to the performance of a wireless connection when it is connected to a compatible phoneSouth Westerly

PixPee digital features are more interesting: PixPee PDA will work in a phone Galaxy S10 Activate your activities and make specific tips to make your life easier. Samsung's new mobile phone, equipped with pre-scheduled and current customization, such as driving activity and activities led by pre-coded users, can simplify user life by helping them to manage their business so hard & as possible.[9[9[9[9]South Westerly

New century of fifth generation conversation

As with the second and third generation communications technologies, Samsung is the head of the fifth generation age, working with the leading telecommunications companies to develop and protect the use of the five generation networks. With the launch of its new phones, Samsung is now running the fifth generation next to users with its innovative handset Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung's first smartphone to support five generations of technology. Users will be able to avail of the fifth generation network to download full-time television programs within minutes, running rich games with graphics without delay, enjoy real knowledge -forwardly and to be connected to friends and family with correct video calls. 4K. To make the fifth generation generation of communication technology, call Galaxy S10 5G With the biggest display screen in a series of cell phones Galaxy S (6.7 "), as well as a 3-D field depth camera Deepth 3D To make a 3D image drawing, increase direct focus of videos and capture fast image. The new product also comes with a 4500 mA battery with a 25-watt high-rate taxSouth Westerly

The best innovations Standard Success: All Series Features

And an integrated system of the next generation technology

Telephone Advanced Series Galaxy S10 The innovative advantages and actions that Samsung has put on in the series Galaxy S With new features, including a non-wire tax feature Fast 2.0 Fees Solution of water and dust in general IP68[10], And premier renewal services and applications such as Samsung Bixby And Samsung Health And Samsung Pay And Samsung DeX. The phones are coming with a & # 39; The largest storage tool available throughout devices Galaxy ( A phone is coming S10 + With storage capacity of 1 terabytes of internal storage)[11] With its ability to add an external storage card microSD With a capacity of 512 GB and reaches up to 1.5TB[12[12[12[12]South Westerly

Speed: You get an appliance Galaxy S10 Access to the Regeneration Network[13[13[13[13]Wi-Fi 6, Provides a priority to connect to the network faster[14] Compared to other users in busy areas such as the airport. Users can get contact knowledge LTE It will download quickly and its; browsing up to 2.0 Gbps for the first time ever[15[15[15[15]South Westerly

Games: Design device Galaxy S10 To give users the best play experience designed. The phone was designed by using AI based game optimization software and other special technologies, including Dolby Atmos To add the games as well as a refrigerated system that has been developed. It is also the phone Galaxy S10 The first device is made better to match games developed on a platform Unity.

Security: Designed Galaxy S10 According to the reliable defensive platform Samsung Knox Which provides high levels of protection for consumer data as well as secure storageSouth Westerly

Galaxy S10 date available

And before order

There are phones Galaxy S10 And+ Galaxy S10 AndGalaxy S10e White, black, green, blue, yellow, pink[16]And phone is available + Galaxy S10 In two distinct new styles: black and white.

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