"Schizophrenia" … detailing student already "Chemist Ain Shams" … Masrawy

08:58 PM

Friday 08 February, 2019

Books & ndash; Fathi Suleiman:

Atef Ahmed, father of a self-destructive student, who threw himself from the 12th floor of the Hadayek al-Qubba area, said his son had heard a hospital and a psychiatrist over the past period of time. search for "schizophrenia".

The security services at the Hadayek al-Qubba police station reported on how a person fell on the 12th floor of a large estate.

The test showed that a twenty-year-old body that carries blue-blue and naval clothing with prominent wounds of breaking of the skull to the right, an explosive hole on the right, and a scattered spread in the body.

Studies showed that the self-killed student, Mohammed, 27, was investigated in the last section of the Pharmacist Department, the University of Ain Shams. His brother, a student at the third department of the Pharmacy Department, supported his father's statements.

The prison asked for the event. Councilor Ahmad Turk, leader of the Hadaeq al-Qubba lawsuit, ordered the organization to be transferred to Zorgham's morgue and to conduct inquiries about the event.

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