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Seekly … The "environment" of the soil enters a & # 39; moonlight

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Seekly … The "environment" of the soil enters a & # 39; moonlight

There is a cell that stretches from atomames of hydrogen that are the most distant part of the earth's environment, at a great distance enough to do it; the moon cover too.

A new study, which includes data from the Solar and Heliospheric Center of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), has over 20 years ago that this area, known as geocorone, is a & # 39; extends over 630,000 km.

Scientists say that the new concept can help manage water planets outside our solar system.


We were not aware of this, so we examined the ideas that took place over two decades with Sohu spacecraft, "said Igor Paliukin of the Russian Space Research Institute, the principal author of the survey.


The comments were made using the SWAN device on Soho spacecraft, which was monitor the symptoms of hydrogen throughout "geocorone", which show up to the moon.

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Because the presence of hydrogen in the outer planet's atmosphere is often a mark of a steam near the surface water, researchers say that the new study could help to reduce the presence of the hydrogen. look for unpredictable planets.

Astronauts took the first picture of "geocorona" in 1972, during the Apollo mission 16.

The new study states that there is a difference in the atomic secrecy of hydrogen in geocorone over day, night and day, due to sunlight.

Throughout the day, the atoms are combined to about 70 atoms per cubic centimeter, 60,000 km above the surface.

"On the ground, we're empty, so this storage of hydrogen is not quite big enough to make it easier to explore a place." There is also ultraviolet radiation associated with geocorone, because the hydrogen atoms are sun light scattered to each side, There is a space in the small moon orbit compared to the main radiation, and sunrise. "

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