She used to play a baby girl in Minya after anesthesia

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The Menia Criminal Court, head of the Sulaiman Al-Shahid Council, and the Advocate members Mustafa Abdel Wahed, Wael Shaw and Amana Mohamed Mustafa, have the charges against Nour Al-Huda. A. A 28-year-old man who lives in Al-Tarrad East, Magaghah, north of Minya, to Mufti Mufti to give his opinion when he was executed.

The court set up the third day of his post to # 39; April to prosecute the judge with the prosecutor's ongoing jail for that session.

The case asked the accused to have a & # 39; lullaby the daughter Zainab. M. A 12-year-old resident was in the same address, to a place where she was worthy of her equipment and gave her a drink that lost her awareness and awareness. "There was another crime in the face of this crime, and then misleading the victim's offer to use an unidentified person," In revenge regarding her mother's family difference.

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