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Sisi, with his diplomatic talent, is re-renovating Egypt to settle in the Arab and Islamic world

"President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, with his brilliant and intense diplomatic career, resurrects Egypt to a full place in the Arab and Islamic world," said the French news website, "Atlantic". Regional conflict in Libya and Syria, as well as Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

"President Sisi produces more than a" jet chart "to strengthen trade relations between Cairo and Paris, he says, that French companies are present in many countries. Of the Egyptian areas and contribute indirectly to the ongoing economic reform process. "

He said that the Egyptians still value the president of Egypt and is one of their favorite directors in a Arab street, whether in Arab Maghreb or in the Middle East.

The news website built Sisi's strong decision to fight all kinds of illegal trade and corruption trade in Egypt. He said that 1400 corruption cases were brought to his / her; 2014 credits to those involved, including those who have been involved; before.

He said he did not want to assist President Sisi in 2013 to go to; affecting the old President Mohamed Morsi, that Egypt would certainly be converted, as well as a radical religious mission, as well as falling into the economy.

He said that every Arab country as well as Egypt now is aware of the risk of Islamic Islam and Muslim Brothers. He said that it is hard for France to still get a & # 39; this group and let them free their ideas freely, and remember that this group is banned and marked as a terrorist from 2013 in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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