Sport helps to treat cartilage damage

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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Cartels can be prevented by osteoporosis due to exercise and motor activity, according to new research. T

The study, according to the East Media Group, explains the benefits of exercise on the articles we make up our articles.

For the first time, researchers showed how mechanical armies of the cells in the act of stopping cartilage damage by blocking the operation of flame molluscs caused by rheumatism.

Researchers at Queen Mary's University of the British Isles showed that this adverse impact is due to the application of specific protein, known as HDAC6. It was noted that the drugs that blocked antibody's use prevented adverse effects on physical activity, Ability to simulate the benefits of change.

The researchers hope that the results will help look for treatments for arthritis, which affects millions around the world.

The researchers have suggested that the results could lead to a whole new method of medicine called medical treatment, where drugs represent the effects of mechanical forces to prevent harmful effects of swelling and manipulation of a variety of situations, such as aititis t .


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