"Sudden Rise" comes out of Huawei from the top of Android phones


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NEW YORK (Reuters) – There has been a sharp rise in new phone calls on the latest demolition of Huawei from the top of Android's fastest mobile list in January 2019, according to the news statements of SA.

The website of specialized technology, GSM Arina, published the Ann Tutu rating for the fastest Android smartphone.

Chinese company "ZTE" phone the Chinese "Nubia Magic Magic March" guide for the second time in a series, the highest of the best phones, "Android", after being ahead of December.

The latest ZTE phone was the latest Huawei MTV 20, and was delayed on Huawei Mitt 20 Pro, with its name. phone Vyponix S as well as telephone Asus Rouge.

The list is expected to change significantly in February, after several mobile phones have been supported by their phone number. The Snappadragon 835 process.

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