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The gold loses every week

2:38 PM

Friday, 12 April 2019

I wrote – Shaima Hafsi:

The gold rose last week, rising at about 6 pounds on Friday's trade, compared to last Friday's prices.

Club Najib, the general secretary of the gold merchants at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Lamasrawi, said the price of one gold 21 album recorded on 626 days was compared with 620 last Friday.

The price is currently set at 183 prices, and a price of 24 to 718 pounds, with a pound value of 5008 pounds.

On a global scale, today's gold prices rose, with the dollar falling, helping yellow metal to recover from the biggest daily decline in two weeks recorded in the session. T before, reciting.

By 0620 GMT, the current gold rose to 0.1% to $ 1293.67 ounce after hitting a low year yesterday and the future of the gold in the US's futures contract. rose 0.3% to $ 1297 an ounce.

The toll table, which maintains the green cycle performance against a key competitor basket, fell by 0.2%, affecting the previous session, going on first weekly falls in four weeks.

Strong corporate employment may attract investors for very dangerous assets, adversely affecting gold appeals.

Gold rose by 1 per cent in the last session after the reports showed that unworked US applications fell to a minimum in almost half a century and last year. The price of the retailers rose by five months in March.

The gold is given for the first weekly benefit in three weeks, after raising 0.2% from the start of the week.

Metal grew to its maximum level from the end of March earlier this week due to central bank centers that could reduce cash and global growth spikes.

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