The national urban plan aims to bring global doubling to 14% … Masrawy

11:57 PM

Thursday 22 November 2018


Asim Al-Jazzar, Deputy Housing Minister, Initiatives and Urban Communities, said the urban plan includes a solution to increase the Egyptian form to 12% to 14% of the land sector that is & # 39; live there to create new areas with new activities.

Deputy Housing Minister, Enterprise and Urban Communities, during a round record with the title "Sustainable Towns and Communities" Thursday, is the launch of the National Road Network for the world. With points and river that attracts and eats; big city connection.

Al-Jazzar emphasized his & her; Three-dimensional urban terminology that includes geographical and demographic-related population related to density, census and post-seismology, which is dependent on human behaviors and lifestyle . He said that the urban empowerment in Egypt was Recent distribution, Ballooning in many urban urban towns is a " live in a town of rural behaviors, and that three towns can not be split into urban areas.

It indicated that the spatial space of the Egyptians has been able to support us, and only 7% of the area living in Egypt and can not create economic returns what's cover the population.

It's not the new administration capital than we're building, but it's a? including Cairo with its historic and cultural heritage as well as the new finance and business management center, known as a new administrative capital. South Westerly

He said that Egyptian experience in the new towns is one of the greatest experiences in creating large towns and population shift levels, and these slums are a socio-economic problem who is shows a face in a urban form, a name not found in law.

So, Dr. Laila Iskandar, a minister, emphasized the role of civilian societies and stressed that he could play important roles in urban areas, helps people to move and develop the situation of people who have moved and are not translators, because their numbers are not enough and their posts are limited.

She emphasized the role of civilian societies and drew attention to his position in the case of a Trumpal Maspero, where he held and communicated. inspiring people, making it a calm case and peace.

The 2018 Sustainable Development Arab Week decided its activities on Thursday (Egypt Day), which included a number of debating sessions and accurate records, Speaking on a number of important issues attended by several ministers and representatives from international and Arab institutions and organizations.

Dr. Asim Al-Jazzar, Deputy Housing Minister, Initiatives and Urban Communities, Dr Laila Iskandar, Minister and Community Development, and Eng. Tariq Shukri, President of the Arab company, part of the globe with the title "Cities and Sustainable Communities" Holding property ownership and property development head.

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