The new Wattabab update reveals an exceptional new audio feature for its users

Watsab has announced an unprecedented "extraordinary" audio for users in a new update to the Android operating system.

The Web Beta Info website, the latest from Wattasab, has published information about recent information.
That refresh provides a new number of features and technologies for Watts users, the report said.
Watsab users will not need Android on all voicemail messages: they can listen more easily than ever and incorporate them all at the same time.
The feature would be particularly useful to a Twitter user who wants to listen to voice messages while performing another task, such as driving.
The WattSapp update also provides a completely new feature, called Redirection, which allows the user to manage multiple messages on several occasions.
Watsabouts the number of times that any user wants to pass the same message and send.

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