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The price of dollar is on banks, 1/4/2019 in banks and black markets, and US repatriates are indicative of the pitch in the market t

We monitor the Monday (1 April) price in banks operating in Egypt and the black market where US cash movements are expected to be at eight o'clock in the morning t the state bank system, with changes to the exchange rate expected against Egypt.

Dollay Dollars today
Dollay Dollars today

The price per capita for Egypt is one of the most important issues for the Egyptians for a number of reasons. The most important impact is on the effect on prices of goods, fuel and power prices, and the majority of Egyptians moving money in US dollars to their relatives in Egypt. The best price for converting it to Egyptian money, which we offer in that article where we offer you prices in each Egyptian bank first through the table below.

Today's dollar prices in Egyptian banks

Highest price to buy: 17.29

Abu Dhabi Bank

Minimum Price: 17.36

Arab Italian Domain Bank

As a bankPurchase priceSelling pricesThe last move from
Abu Dhabi Bank17.2917.385 days
HSBC17.2817.385 days
National Bank of Greece17.2817.384 days
Housing & Development Bank17.2817.385 days
Mashreq Bank17.2817.3812 hours
Arab Italian Domain Bank17.2817.368 hours
Business Development Bank17.2817.384 days
National Bank Kuwait (Piraeus)17.2817.383 days
Credits Agricole17.2817.384 days
Suez Canal Bank17.2817.384 days
Al Baraka Bank17.2817.384 days
Audi Bank17.2817.3815 hours
International Trade Bank (CIB)17.2817.384 days
National Bank of Kuwait NBK17.2817.3813 hours
Arab Savings Bank17.2817.3816 hours
Egyptian Gulf Bank17.2817.384 days
Arab International Bank17.2717.3716 hours
Egyptian Export Development Bank17.2717.374 days
Iran's Banque Misr Development17.2717.375 days
African African International Bank17.2717.375 days
Bank Bloom17.2717.374 days
Egypt Agricultural Bank17.2617.364 days
United Kingdom Bank17.2617.3613 hours
Bank of Egypt17.2617.364 days
National Bank of Egypt17.2617.364 days
Bank of Alexandria17.2617.365 days
Arab International Banking Company17.2617.364 hours
Central Bank of Egypt17.2517.394 hours

In terms of black market prices, prices are somewhat better at price, because the toll is between 17.92 and 17.95 of the Egypt Pound, but the Egyptian government has serious restrictions on black market traders in these months. T went away.

Edit the toll rate

The government's decision to release the rate of exchange has been much more pronounced than mixed reactions and major concerns about the impact of that decision on imported product prices. T overseas, in particular Asian cars.

Egypt's pound has a different backdrop to the dollar in Egyptian banks in the very few hours, without obvious reasons.

Some believe the decline of the dollar will not take the long pound, as the US currency will return to the previous exchange rate in the 17.90 range, where it now stands at 17.52 pounds, and avoiding any complicated causes. A lot of hard money had been put into the country for investment in December last December, which has sent banks back with more money in their coffins, and therefore falling into the exchange rate.

  • It is hoped that the dollar will continue to benefit in the Egyptian market this week, after falling sharply last week.

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