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The Revolt of Sports in Ahlo and controversy due to the presence of the pyramids

Books – Muhammad Yousri Morshed:

Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly played a stormy game at the start of the season against the Al-Ahram Sports Club.

The "Masrawy" site presents all the daily reports tThere are some of the things he has done yesterday when his news came yesterday.

Kabat will apply to the Minister at the inside

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, chair of the club, sent a letter to his Major Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq, the Minister of the Interior, asking for an increase in Al Ahly's presence in the African League of Champions.

Gros will decide to forgive electricity

Source the technical team of the first Zamalek club to manage the white Greek Gros coach for the forgiveness of game player Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim "krba" after Badr of complaints during the game against Smouha Balduri.

The stormy preacher's speech: an excuse is dismissed. Keep the history of Ahli

Al Ahli's club president Mahmoud al-Khatib refused to give his apology or offer any offer after a team penalty loss against quarterly teams of the African Champions League.

In official apology .. Ashour shows "Khatib words" .. And Akrami: We need to revive.

Al Ahly made an official apology to the club and his supporters for a tragic fall from a team from South Africa with a loss of five points without replying to Sun Dunes in the African Champions League.

Abdulhafeez: We're sorry about Al-Ahli and are aware of the revolution of tombs

Abdel Hafiz, Al Ahly's football director, told Al Ahli Club from supporters and officers on behalf of the whole football division.

Assorti: We are trying to get across the "refraction" .. and I ask the mass trust

Martin Lasarte, the team's first manager in Ahli, asked the Ahli supporters to apologize for what happened in South Africa and the huge defeat the Red team had with five t responding to the Sundowns, saying that everybody would want to recover.

Officially .. Ahli and Sundowns on Burj Al Arab. Zamalek and Agadir in Suez

South African Al Ahli and Sundowns at the El Arab Borg Stadium in Alexandria have confirmed the Football Association.

CAF asks Apricca, Drogba and Charles to pull the Nations Cup

African Football Association (CA) has invited Mohamed Abutreka, the ancient Egyptian team and an Egyptian team, to attend the African Nations Cup in 2019 in Egypt.

CLUB: I wasn't worried about the "sophisticated"

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp has spoken of the need to respect Porto's side at the Reds in the Champions League, saying that there was no concern about the continuing development in the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

Competitions mark the return of the Ahli and Zamalek matches

Egypt's competition committee announced that Ahli and Zamalek matches would be scrapped in the league competition by Al-Nujoom and Wadi Degla, respectively. T

The club recommends Salah's decision against Southampton

German coach Juergen Klopp suggested the goal of international Mohamed Salah from Egypt to Southampton, saying he made the best decision not to go to another Brazilian colleague Roberto Fermino.

Officially … enough to avoid the type of African nation teams

African Football Federation (CAF) published an official statement refusing the last of the teams taking part in the 2019 African Cup of Nations kept by Egypt.

"6-0 easy to follow". New message from Ahli Supporters (Pic)

Al Ahly sent a new message to the players during the club, which was covered at the club's headquarters in Al-Jazira, to support a team of football ahead of Al Suwaheli in the west. finals in African finals.

Al Ahli arrives in Africa at last

The Ahli team to the “Men” final in the African Football Championship after being hit by Suwehli Libyan (3-1) in a number of games.

The games results were as follows: (25-12), (21-25), (25-16) and (25-20).

Zamalek wanted to increase the number of supporters in front of Hassania Agadir

References within the board of Zamalek club that officers within the castle castle spoke to the Football Federation and the security authorities to increase the number of supporters in the face of opposition Hassania Agadir Moroccan.

Hazard runs Salah at the Golden Boot conflict before Anfield

LONDON (Reuters) – Eddie Hazard, the Chelsea invader, broke into the Grand League's golden shoe next year after launching two hits against West Ham in the 33rd England Premier League tour. T to give his 2-0 victory.

Al-Ahly: 30,000 supporters may get support for Ahli against Sundowns

Tharwat Sweilem, Football Federation's operations director, confirmed that the Alexandria Borg El Arab stadium could find evidence of around 30,000 supporters to support Al Ahli against South Africa teams in the Champions League. Africa.

Al-Qai & i: We were dealing with Sundowns affected by "anesthesia"

Adly al-Qai, the head of the Ahli contract committee, said the huge losses from Sundowns from other long technical causes, showed that the team had played against a South African race in a "anesthesia".

Non-common controls support administration and technology. The scenes of the Khatib rebellions in Ahli

Ibrahim al-Manisi, the editor of Al-Ahli, revealed the 24-hour perspectives they faced against the defeat of the historic Red Team from South Africa.

Particular will be. The team inspector makes 3 recommendations for Ahly before the face of Sundowns

Egyptian performance analyst Javier Joury gave advice to Ahly before there was a game in South Africa on the African league League's quarter finals.

Medhat Chalabi told Al Ahly officials: "Inspired by Bayern Munich and thinking of Manuel Jose"

The club's media president, Medhat Chalabi, has advised Manuel Jose's old manager to return the challenge to the Uruguayan Martin Lasarte festival.

"Ahli is already drowning" .. First response from editor "Al-Ahram Sports" covered by "Khatib"

Mohammed Shabana, editor of Al-Ahram Sports and member of Syndicate Journalists, responded to the dispute about social network sites due to the coverage of the magazine's current issue of Time magazine.

"Your cover is a professional fall." Al-Ahly's channel responds Al-Ahram Sports

Ibrahim Al-Manisi, president of the Al-Ahli club, said his club wanted to take advantage of the Al-Ahram sports coverage around Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

Pyramids show that Abdullah Al-Saeed is moved to Zamalek

Ahmed Afifi, the spokesperson for Pyramids, refused rumors of team player Abdullah Al-Saeed to Zamalek after the end of the current season (2018-2019).

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