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The "Storm" speed of 60km .. "Meteorology" explains why the wave of bad weather … Masrawy

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Books – Mohammed Nassar:

The General Meteorological Authority gave a warning of the weather's permanence from Wednesday to Saturday, due to the operation of wind wind movement and dust on the north side of the country to Cairo and northern Egypt, up to the storm Thursday and Friday.

Dr Ibrahim Atta, head of the Central Administration of the Meteorological Department for Forecasting and Forecasting, said the storm would have resulted in a reduced road visibility on roads, breaking a sea sailing on the road; Mediterranean Sea and more awareness of cold weather.

He explained that the cause of this storm is because the air is low in the west, where the wind speed is between 50 and 60 km per hour.

Ata said the storm would be tall on Thursday and the decline will begin on Friday afternoon, coupled with a huge temperature. falling across the Republic, with values ​​ranging from 4-5 degrees Celsius higher than usual.

Cloud clouds also spread on the northern coasts, and extends to the Upper Egyptian government, Cairo, Canal towns, Sinai and northern northern Egypt, and are plentiful and thin in some areas.

Atta, a group of ideas for citizens, and including the use of a mask when they are; appear in dust, especially for patients with coffins and adhesions, avoiding under trees, board boards, hard winter clothes, and & quot; slowly driving on the roads, and avoiding marine activity on the road; Mediterranean Sea.

The Head of Audit and Reviews also asked officials in the governments to take appropriate steps for such matters. He advised that the Commission can be contacted to find out about the 24 hour weather forecast of 24646721.

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