"Think of my mind and the quick hand was not so tired" .. the tractor drives his stomach … Masrawy

11:03 PM

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Mohammed Khamis wrote:

Alaa Fathi, a tractor disaster at the Egyptian station, said: "My awareness was printed, and I got imbaired and I know what I do, and what I do not work, and what Shovch tractor got eh and did not accept what? ", added:" If you hit the tractor it was possible to stay the best ".

The driver, when he met the "Every day" program was broadcast on the "one" satellite, Wednesday afternoon: "The hand runs on Makanch's tract sound, and with Expanding earthquake, because it is good and ending Belmmsha, "a & # 39; explains that he did not use it. One person who accidentally: "What does he use when I get an accident, and my colleague already ask him who hit it suddenly. "

It is worth saying that the railway authority says that the tractor hit Wednesday morning at the side of the railway station in the middle of Cairo, which killed 20 people and his parents. another 43, according to official statistics.

The ambulances of the victims brought to hospitals near the station, and officials, with Prime Minister Mustapha Medbouli, moved to the scene to see the latest developments. Some of the bodies were swept up by the fire causing the disaster.

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