Three local «Dakahlia» staff arrested on corruption costs and damage to public funds

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The General Administration of Public Assets Research, under the direction of Major General Ibrahim al-Deeb, Director General, was heard by some of the Office of the Center of Architecture and City of Talkha Engineering Department With some citizens and Providing them an opportunity to build residential homes without permission and not to; taking legal action against these actions to break the law, which damaged public funds.

51 years of engineering engineering engineering at the City Council and City of Talkha, and Radwan, 50 years, general director of the Engineering Department of the same past and present council in East Mansoura, and Ahmed Ahmed, 51, visited age, the Engineering Department of the same advice, the use of the site and its location; authorizes "Mohammed A." allow for landlords and land and 11 floors and services, and the failure of their first and second person to be protected against the legal action of the Terms of the License for the purpose of being & breaking engineering images and leaving on the company's line and its # issuing delivery facilities letters and are not in operation Legal modes for construction and construction of the 12th floor without the possibility of breaking up legal provisions.

As well as having a conversation with Abdul Jalil, AFA has agreed to build land and 11 floors and build services, and fail to. The first and third defendant have to take legal action on actions that were in place; Opposition of license terms and issuance of letters of delivery resources to fight with law-building arrangements, which damaged money What is the value of taxes due to the State's Finance Department for such breach, profit from the work of the work and the profits of others, as well as opposing the lives of a citizen.

The legal documents have been taken and its committee is set up by a & # 39; a public case from the authorities that apply to a # 39; certifying the value of taxes due to the state.

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