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Venezuela draws 8 tons of the middle bank in front of the crisis in foreign currency

Venezuela drew eight tonnes of gold from the bank's records last week and is expected to sell the socialist government, who will suffer from a yellow metal liquid problem when it is t he wants to steer a lot of money against the US sanction, a government regulator and well said.

The sanctions imposed by Washington have attracted the income of the national oil company PDVSA, and the former management of master Nicholas Maduro, continuing to move Venezuela's huge royal investments to one of its largest assets Foreign money.

Central bank reserves have fallen by 30 tonnes from the start of the year before the US President, Donald Trump, controlled sanctions, leaving around 100 tons in the bank food, worth more than t $ 4 billion.

With this level of decline, there is hardly any savings from the bank bank which was canceled at the end of the year, with the Maduro Government managing problems paying for imports, but the central bank did not reply. T or the Venezuelan Ministry of Information requests for submissions.

The administration of the Trump wants to stop the Maduro government's cash flow, encourage opponents within the armed forces and to take power out of power in OPEC Venezuela's member.

"The United States is doing all its efforts from Maduro and its supporters to steal resources from Venezuelan," a spokeswoman from the State Department in responding to his request to comment on the Sun. pull back gold.

"We will be encouraging companies, banks and other organizations, in the United States and other countries, to fail to take part in the unfair sale of the old Maduro system to Venezuela facilities," he said.

"They took the gold when the bank was stuck in an emergency," said MPs against the opponent, Angel Alvarado, saying that gold bars would be sold abroad, even though he didn't know the destination was very low, and he drew the same amount of gold from the bank's bank in February.

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