Video: Obama gave the first goal of Zamalek before the army started in the 25th minute

Zamalek was hitting Zamalek in his & # 39; 25th minute of the game in the 23th League.

Zamalek will stay in her & # 39; The first place in the league board with 51 points, and the army is lived in the tenth place with 25 points.

Zamalek went into the game by being part of: "Mahmoud Jensh in the wrestler, Hamdi Alnqaz, Mahmoud Alounsh, Mohammed Abdul Ghani, Abdullah Gomaa in the defense line, Tarek Hamed and Fargani Samy and Ibrahim Hassan, Obama and built himself in the midfielder, Khalid Boutaib in the attack line "

Although the first army began, including: "Mohammed Bassam in the wrestler, Assem Salah, Ahmed Sami and Khaled Sattouhi and secret Islam in the garden, Richard Ahmed Samir and Karim Tarek, Mohammed Rizk and Islam Jamal in the midfielder, Ahmed Jafar in the attack line.

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