Video of Ola Ghanem and Khaled Youssef Video of Khaled Youssef and Ola Ghanem

Video of Khaled Youssef and Ola Ghanem, and the controversial scandal Ola Ghanem and connspaid Khalid Yusuf on social networking sites with Ola Ghanem dancing on the sound of high songs to try again with Khaled Youssef.

The social networking sites were filled with a new video by Egyptian artist Ola Ghanem and Mona Farouk, dancing in fancy dress.

He made an appliance video on the street of Egypt, leaving an immense feeling among the social network sites, asking them to be legally accountable.

Although some of the authentic sources near the artists were not sensitive as to the recording of the video, this video was released and thought unknowingly; while others have shown that the video is a scene within a film.

It should be noted that the artist Ola Gam and Rana Huwaidi and Mona Farouk and Shaima Haj did not think of any media about the published video.

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