Water cut from Al – Badrashin 12 on Saturday

The Water and Hydro-Electric Company in Giza will indicate that it will have a water cut from Al Badrasheen center and town from midnight to midnight on the same day as a result of the re- "Waterproofing and refurbishment of the water network" Drinking water that alters the middle and town of Al-Badrasheen and its towns, with the completion of its work and pumping water at midnight that day .

Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor Giza, stressed the press release of the center's officers and the Badrasheen township with the water and sewerage company in Giza for the barrier times in the areas who is affecting and completing the dates to complete the work. To drink to those areas, respond quickly to citizen requests in this regard.

And Giza Riaghlas, citizens and officials of government and government agencies and agencies, to regulate drinking water needs at a time of time, and contact emergency number 125, to drink and drink water. sewage company if there is a complaint or request for water cars.

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Source: ONA News Agency

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