EIC claims that the FED is maintaining the policy level as was expected. And keep up rates for the entire year


EIC claims that the FED is maintaining the policy level as was expected. And keep up rates for the entire year

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The Federal Estate Finance Policy Committee (FOMC) meeting on 19-20 March 2019 decided to maintain the Funded Fund level at 2.25 – 2.50%. Building twice-yearly rates to maintain interest rates during the year 2019. The Fed continues to maintain the policy level level at 2020 and announces the end of the balance sheet a month. 2019

The Fed's policy change motion on US financial issues is a result. In total silent Outcome Result US Government Long-term trends are likely to slow down than assessment. Following the FOMC meeting, 10-year bond results from US government fell 10 bps to 2.51%, lowest since January 2018. In addition, the clear policy vision of Fed will be a key factor in the level. US government bonds will return Long term less than expected Looking at growth of the US economy And hyper-inflation forecast is a major factor in the movement of US government yields in the long term Time. With a drop in a dot plot, thus leading to inflation, the results of the US government are low. Movement is slow. In addition, the Fed reveals that it will keep the balance between the balance and the next level by the purchase of US government bonds. Is also an application factor that the price limit may not increase too For an additional US dollar register, this was detected marginally by 0.3% and the US stock market register remained stable.

Increased uptake of a less common fixed fund rate It can reduce pressure on the central banks of emerging market countries because of the need for central bank of HM nations to raise the policy by Fed. the risk of economic decline was also reduced significantly. Strengthen owners' confidence (impact on risk), which may lead to the return of capital back and reduce the risk of Theme currency moving quickly (flying capital) down.

The Fed's policy view has changed with the invisible MPC view, resulting in a reduction in Thai Government bills. Thai Government's ten-year bond yields fell to 9 bps to 2.46% as a result of two factors: 1) The result of US 10-year government bonds associated with rates. 2) Thai bond results and 2) MP's position after the meeting on 20 March 2019, unanimously maintaining the level of policy and reducing economic statements t

For a monetary policy impact in the Fed's visit to the BP policy round, the EIC believes that the Thailand economy is stable, foreign countries are strong and they put in place a financial policy under the flexible inflation target framework. (flexible energy target) The Fed does not affect the MPC's financial policy.

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