Eight keys to look after sudden changes in temperature – 04/01/2019


Tuesday, the thermal thermal term was over 40 degrees in the Capital and Buenos Aires City. On Wednesday, the water caused and then went to & # 39; Having a cold face at least 20 degrees. Major changes in temperature and humidity, whether natural or voluntary – due to air practitioners – can adversely affect the organism. Keeping up of a healthy protection system can help you avoid it.

"According to data from the World Health Organization, the air temperature of the air directly adds to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, especially among older people. On the other hand, in a big heat case, the -other pollen and other altars, so these environmental changes make the body that is vulnerable, which is constantly changed and is exposed to severe diseases, " they are warning. the Immunooncology Institute of Dr Ernesto JV Crescenti

In that situation, the defense system has a fundamental role, "Because it is responsible for protecting the organism against diseases such as bacteria and viruses," explain the doctors Ernesto Crescenti and Horacio Varela Jimenez. Through an organized response, the body attacks and attacks the body. destroying the infectious environments that attack it.

A light coat is praised in the summer.

A light coat is praised in the summer.

The experts emphasize the importance of maintaining the strong defensive system. "We will normally enter a weak or less active defensive system easy white to risk the risk of behavioral or viral diseases, and even more complicated diseases. Strengthening and encouraging the protection system will help to prevent many geniuses, "they say.

The experts offer six directions to strengthen the security system, especially at times when we are subject to sudden changes in temperature and day-to-day thermal amounts:

Stay irrigation. Use 2 liters of water per day.

Fishing fair food, with lots of fruit and vegetables. Increase the contribution of Vitamin C (citrus, melon, kiwi, moron and tomato), Vitamin A (liver, eggs and milk), Vitamin E (germ-wheat, soybean, grain, oil, green bile oil and nuts), Iron (liver, meat, fish and eggs), zinc and seileiumium (currently in almost all foods).

Do not avoid stress situations. Everyday life rhythm and anger or anger situations create bad defenses. Perform outdoor activities, or attach to the music and art work.

Make sure there is a good break. The dream must be restored, run and must be between 7 and 8 hours.

Do physical activity. Exercise is essential for cardiac health, and mood development, and & nbsp; contributes to the control of stress, and stimulates good mood and protection enhancement.

Avoid chemicals, keepers, colorants, robberies, tobacco, alcohol, materials and foods that have been processed.

Look at the clothes. With changes in climate, both the environment and the ones that have been made when entering into an air condition, he is willing to take a lightweight hat.

Be aware of hygiene. Wash your hands often with soap and water. When you're casual or not; flow, cover your mouth and nose with a limited device or with the inner part of the corner. Throw restricted moistures just after being used. Removing the environments. Comparte threading machines or glasses. Keep clean doorknobs and general items.

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