Eight years later, the draft DS Ni Ni Kuni is now Playable in English


Yes Ni No Kuni First released in PS3 in 2011, it is easy to forget that the DS version was completely different from the game released in 2010. Especially because this game was not available but only in Japan.

Ni no Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn Most of the only storytracks had a story, but it was taken up from the ground for Nintendo's hard-hit, and played into a completely unique knowledge. He even came with a large book of spells, designed to be available as long as he was going to; play so you could know how to throw them.

It was built eight years (to the day, since both versions and versions were both on 9 December), but a team working at GBAtemp (made by Bya @ Resetera) has completed the acquisition of a game, which is now available for download.

What's more, they translate the spellchecker so you can print and edit.

You can download the translation here. Memories have been so exciting for her & her; This game, I got the Japanese version and tried to move my way through it, not to use it, so I super are delighted to try to do this.

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