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Members of the M5S are able to vote on the Rousseau platform for the eighteen case Monday, February 18 from 10 to 19. And what are we doing? read on the Stars blog. "It is not – it is explained – the ordinary voting is protected. If these matters deal with Article 68 of the Constitution, and on what the M5S has always been and It is a different issue: we talk about Article 96 of the Constitution It is a matter that has never been seen before. , as in the last time a judge has not asked his / her Parliament to be able to prosecute a minister who has taken action in discharging his duties ".

There is a question on it; Online consultation on reading: "Delays on the Diciotti vessel, to redirect the migrants in the European countries, did he meet to defend a state interest? – Yes, so the authority for a refusal has been refused – No, so the authority is to promote ".

"I believe that the authority should not give up against Salvini because it is a collegiate choice of ministerial advice"This is how the messenger for friendship with the Parliament and direct democracy, Vincenzo Santangelo," We should not come here – follow on – Salvini should have rejected his vote and been tried"" The final option is, however, at the bottom. We will vote if, if this is the will that comes from online consultations, "the Solicitor decided.

But there are also those who oppose a consultation instrument on the stage. "I guess it. In our program, it is expected that all kinds of protection will be eliminated for ministers and parliamentarians, "says Elena Fattori, grandfather of the 5 Stelle Movement, in an interview with the Quotidiano Nazionale." I'm not unhappy – it's a I emphasize Fattori – I am consistent. Our program is clear "," I have not been elected according to the government contract. I have a connection program with that move and that. "



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