Eighteen, Salvini thinks back to us: "Delete the judges right enough." Toninelli: "The process of all government." Carelli: "Conte and Di Maio are willing to go"


The man wanted eighteen boat decision decision made "due to its public"For this"Employee's resignation has been rejected". Matteo Salvini think again. The Interior Minister is no longer sure that he wants to refuse his caseparliamentary protection. On the other hand, he clearly asked for Assembly to vote for save from the process. And he does so by letter al Corriere della Sera in which he responds to the allegations to be burned and a & # 39; abusing an office which is brought to him by the court of ministers in Catania, In the case of the 177 emigrants who had to stay aboard the Shuttle Ship for five days without landing permission. Salvini's step back to the same day 5-star move wants a total governmental action of the government in the case management of Diciotti. Exponents an executive – yes Danilo Toninelli, Giulia Grillo and Lorenzo Fioramonti – but also representatives such as Emilio Carelli, who say: "Remember Conte and Di Maio dI have been associated with this decision and ask they are time to be on the test".

Toninelli and Grillo: "We all process. It was a government choice – On pages of a newspaper in Via Solferino, among other things, not just the voice of the Scottish leader League. "If they are against Salvini they must also try me and the whole government. If they want to do it as a government process we want to go all to judge ", he launched the Minister for Transport Danilo Toninelli, he was always giving up in an interview courier where it shows its support for the post-primary, and # 39; make sure that most of the outcomes are not n "#; threat from the result of this case. "I'm a Savior, I'm thinking, asking him to go to court – he said -" It's not a lawsuit. ; there is no test for the Government, since the Government itself says it in a hard way It was a collegiate decision; there of the chief executive. "In practice, follow the same line Giulia Grillo: "I am consistent with what we decide within a move, but I am politically important to see the message that we are all in the & # 39; this battle, and then the problem must be carefully evaluated, "said the Minister of Health at Sky. "That – he said he was a governmental action, co-ordinated and shared by each minister, then I do not think that Salvini is the responsibility of her; case ". To clearly verify that something in the M5s also moves, Lorenzo Fioramonti, Deputy Education Minister: "Maybe – explain that motions, in which the government is, unanimously agreed that he was going into the boat Eighteen, taking responsibility in an integrated way"A suggestion that suggests how we can come to a type of self-pronouncement with the headquarters at the Catania Solicitor's Office: a request from all the ministers on the & # 39; case discussed on the case of Diciotti. And as the case is discussed tomorrow in the meeting for elections and exemptions of the Sinn Féin, in the evenings will be a political leader & 39; Transplant and vice principal Luigi Di Maio The seven members of the M5 in the organic organ

Carelli (M5): "I do not know how to vote" –"It is clear that Salvini has changed his mind or at least his position. We will do a regular job and we are always given authority to proceed", Is the situation of the General for Foreign Affairs, Manlio Di Stefano interview a Radio too. "Conte and Di Maio have made it clear that they are willing to try together, I think they should be part of the process because they are a whole-college college options, "he said, answering his / her question on how to vote the M5S in the table for authors The Salvi Dealer. After a minister's letter and Toninelli's confirmation, however, there seems to be something; move even among the Cinquestelle. Luigi Di Maio mentioned in the last days of his vote; Leave the test to Salvini, but today the candidate Emilio Carelli he says: "Now we do not know if we vote or notbecause things have changed over these last hours. I say, in my opinion, we have to wait for what Salvini and Di Maio said in the hours. "The former director of Skytg 24 said that he also found other ministers guilty:" I think we must first consider the change of ideas. It is right and even legal for a person to change his mind. So Salvini now wants not allow permission to proceed. I have to remember the M5S has never been allowed to proceed in the past. So the use of its move is. After this we must remember that a college was in a decision, it did not; It's just Salvini's. Conte and Di Maio should be remembered dI have been associated with this decision and ask they are time to be on the test".

Morra: "Dona not to do, do not be afraid to be" – A situation that does not appear to be shared Nicola Morra, president of Antimafia commissioned on twitter: "Poor, do not be scared"By saying: if Salvini sure he has not broken the law, why not let alone try? Situation is quite different from the government's outlook, also explained Luigi Gallo, president of Culture Committee on; 5-star move: "Salvini must be proven because the law is similar to all. We have been constantly opposing Caste's benefits, even when members of our own government Using these benefits ".

Salvini Letter – "My legal case is closely related to the Interior Minister's activity and to chimney to keep promises of the election campaign, "Salvini writes to verify the data on trips and re-defenses."I do not deny anything and I do not. run away from my duties minister. I am sure that I have always worked to benefit the country and constantly comply with my role. I would do that again. And the bushes passed. An evaluation of the Synod has been demonstrating two requirements (each of which is sufficient to authorize the authorization): constitutional protection for the State or its request a huge public interest, "explains Salvini." The Assembly will not be asked to judge whether there was a discipline of persecution against me from that In this decision there is nothing personal"Indeed, the former high-quality continues," the judges are in a position; preventing me from discharging the law by arresting the attack, as a result of my position as Interior Minister "." Having investigated on & # 39; case for a long time, I believe that the permit must proceed to be rejected. And that's not my person. First thing fight against immigration migration responding to an important public interest, set up at the base of special provisions, "which emphasizes the leader of the League." Secondly, there is a detailed political idea. Thus, the Italian government, Matteo Salvini, personally, was in action to confirm his / her ability fair distribution among EU countries Immigrants aboard the Thirteen ship. This objective – it is coming to an end – it is clear from the European Council's decisions on June 28, 2018 ".

Forza Italia and Fdi: "Votiamo no" – The head of the Carroccio will receive a collection from Giorgia Meloni. "Salvini is right for the Senate to ask the lawyer to be sent a lawyer to a lawsuit for the eighteen case. The brothers of Italy always said: the Minister of the Interior does not -state his duty but we will not vote between, "said the Italian Brothers leader. "At this time he would be tired – he says – in voting for the M5S to become one of the top-retired senior, the final breach of the unnatural boundary of a League of League & # 39 ; Northern Constabulary ". At the same time, Forza is Italy, confirming that he intends to vote against the Minister of the Interior to be arrested and arrested; drag the Cinquestelle for the jacket. "If the M5s are voting The Salvini lawsuit, which means that the Interior Minister has not been able to find a public interest in how to & Using Management work. The grillini do not understand that it's a government case in a Salvini test, "he says Sestino Giacomoni.

Viminale: "The adults are at risk eighteen" – At the same time, Viminale begins with some of the elements that are necessary to protect Salvini. "On the case of Diciotti on the case that the people arrested talk about poor psyco-physical situations of migrants aboard. However, when the way forward was introduced to ministers, the non-EU they decided to stay voluntarily aboard to finish a religious ritual for about two hours, from 8.30pm to 10.30pm, "says that there are supplies from the Interior Minister." It should be noted that the presence of ministers has expressed their position to minister. The strangers were so tired and refused, within a few days, Welcome. Most of them left the centers, and b & # 39; They prefer to attend these groups Baobab with the aim of leaving the country and its # 39; road loss. Feeding the ability in relation to criminal routes, "follow the same sources to Viminale." There is a general threat, the philosophy of illegal immigrants includes risks that in opposition to Islamic basic leaders, especially rural activists. There is a danger that the time was scared and that's frightened every time. Information, evidence, evidence that a bad government needs to take into account for the security of the country, "said the League Nicola Molteni, director of the Interior Ministry a Rai Radio1. "Even in the Committee for a security and public order held in Calabria these results have revealed. Now there are stories about the potential for gods to be eighteen board obesity clearly show where court papers issued to the Senate by the Court of Catania Ministers are to begin to analyze its & # 39; Board for empowerments. The Interior Minister, when working, did so in meeting his duties as Minister. Those who are currently implementing Salvini will & # 39; try the whole Government ".

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