Eilean Mòr hospital confirms the breaking of spaces


HONOLULU (KHON2) – KHON2 has confirmed the fight at Kona Community Hospital on Eilean Mòr.

A hospital spokeswoman said a confirmation was made on Monday, November 19.

The hospital says he works with the Hawaiian State Health Department.

Officials did not say what number of people were allowed by scabs, but they said in a statement:

"We have implemented protocols and protocols in accordance with any policy of any infectious breach. Our interim director of a senior executive and a contradiction leader has been coordinating the management of the situation since then . "

According to the Center for Disease Control, scabies are skin-shaped with their skin; human itchy bones.

The microscopic scabies will see holes into the upstream of the skin where it is alive and its; lay eggs.

The most common symptoms of hard booth scabies and pimple-like pimple crush.

The worms are usually spread directly, long, skin with skin with a skull.

If you have never had any scabbard, the four or six-week marks may be given to appear.

"It may be in hospital, that it is introduced by patients. It is transmitted to a healthcare provider and is very receptive. Healthcare providers can attract patients -searching other healthcare and even if it is possible for other patients. He's taking the best hand-made laptops and gloves, it's easy to give, "said Dr James Ireland joined the John A. Burns Medicine School.

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