"EL Morandé needs to be restored"


"Morandé con Compañía" is at the end of the year's move. Everything started to reduce two days to one day in the air, to promote Ernesto Belloni, after 15 years, and a reduction in the air. come. Hard complaints in the inside program.

A new MCC, which is & nbsp; Milestones characterized by characters such as Porotito Verde, Marlén Olivari and Che Copete itself, today have been restructured for a trip. There are plenty of reasons for Kike Morandé to admit that the "ñatito" is convicted after the project shortly after almost two decades on the air.

In this situation, Vanessa Borghi, the current fan, and who is not currently doing the building, is one of those who are currently in the house. come out of the ideas.

– How will it be assessed inside the lost day?

As a sign of television and everything changes. Over the past years, these business people have been in a channel throughout their lives, and that's no longer. It is not new that Internet and Netflix today have a & # 39; taking more public attention into account and affecting everything that has happened.

– But your output is just for those who do not use those networks …

That is also true. Morandé identifies another listener, on another image and people who are always on television as their main device. I do not see my grandmother; see application for a series, so listeners who should not be left.

– Getting a day smaller than that is a good indicator in that way …

It's not the end of Saturday at the end of the program, but it's obvious that it's hard. The family who works in these children behind, marriages and Kike has been worried about everything.

– And leaving a profile similar to Ernesto Belloni, how does he do it? affect it?

That's something that's a # 39; hitting, breaking down and we saw it; come. The staff is brilliant and you need to know how to continue funding, but this is not a verse, the presentation should follow.

– Do you see Kike's energy for that?

I see it firmly, and I look more at her; rest with him.

– Today, humor and humor today is questioned well, how do you read that?

You understand and change to change, the MCC needs to be restored, as it is year after year, but I also agree that it needs to be for every taste, it wants things like violence or abuse, but if a girl is going out in a bikini and is not necessary, you must also have a place.

– And what are your next steps?

I have a project for some time, something different I can not move forward, but the opportunity may now be given. I think the production company ("Kike 21") must be offered differently and this may be the trip.

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