Election for Eurovision: The election for Eurovision from Ukraine begins (02/09/19 10:07) "Association


According to Tsenzor.NET, mentioning Ukrinform, live coverage will begin its first half-round of the National Election at 7:00 p.m. on the TB UA channels: First and STB.

As is known, 8 participants will compete in the & # 39; first visit to the destination to the destination of the election: Hypnotunez Group – head of Gera Luidze, with the song "Hey"; LETAY – musician Ilya Reznikov, with the song "My friend"; singer VERA KEKELIA – with the song "Wow"; Tsesho Band – with the song "Hate"; YUKO group – with the song "Galina Guliala"; Maruv – singer Anna Korsun, with the song "For you"; Brunettes Shoot Blondes – alone Andrei Kovalev with the song "Houston"; BAHROMA – the Roman Bakharev opponent, with the song "Nazavzhdi-Forever".

The second half-finals of the National Election will be held on 16 February. What artists will be representing Ukraine at Eurovision in Israel which is known in the & # 39; final of the National Election on 23 February.

The jury of this year's national competition is Jamal, Andrey Danilko and Yevgeny Filatov. Presenter – Sergey Pritula.

The Eurovision 2019 will be held in Tel Aviv. The Competition Sgogan – "Dare to Dream (Let alone dream)". 42 countries participating in the # 39; competition.

The participant, who will be representing Ukraine this year, will be & # 39; played in the first semi-finals of Eurovision on 14 May. The second half is the 16th of May. The final will be held on May 18.

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